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the flood gates have opened!

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anyone notice the sudden influx of htf Street Freaks wl's from series 18 hitting the bay and trade boards.as of tonight there are 8 '69 Charger spoilers available with a few that ended recently.we all knew these cars existed,but it's unfortunate they wound up so far from home.and to think,$1 each,CANADIAN!!RC2 RULES!!! :freak:
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I noticed this earlier, now some Auction Insanity and Calendar Girls WLs are starting to pop up too. Bring them on I say. Maybe I can fill some holes that I was hoping to fill, like that PP2 Trans Am WL I got from the great white North a few weeks ago. :thumbsup:
they are everywhere,even on the completed auctions. Long ways from the 200-300 they were pulling. All from Canada too[or a neighboring state].
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