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The first of several large orders.

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Placed an order from BRS this evening for half a dozen Ninco Rally cars, and I noticed something about one of them. The "Imola" Subaru lists on his website with ball bearings and the NC-6 motor, if that's so this car will be one of the hottest in my collection. Not the hottest mind you, but will be one of the hottest. Between Yoshi and myself we have ordered a dozen cars, I have 3 in my possession now, he has another 5, this makes 20 cars available to the guys in the club. A few of those guys already have their own cars, those that don't will be able to buy these from us at what we paid for them, and we will have a decent supply of loaners as usual. The Imola Subaru I think will stay in my possession. We've bought a few used cars too that will be given to a couple of the younger kids that always show up when the garage door is open and the cars are racing...after, of course, they wash my truck.

The next order I place will be for tune up and replacement parts. I'm already picking the brains of several racers about the Ninco ProShock and ProRace parts, this time there is a complete and total sharing of tech tips between my son-in-law and myself and the rest of the guys. My personal car will be a Citreon C4 (Red Bull) and it will have as many upgrades as I can manage to get past the rules makers. Right now the only real rule has to do with magnets, and we're allowing stock magnets only so long as they draw less than 300 grams on the magnet marshall. That means the NC-6 motor, ball bearings and 30T crown gears will be finding their way into both my team cars.

Our first event will be September 6th.
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Paul I have two AutoArt cars, absolutely beautiful and with some simple changes like tires, they run pretty good too. They don't have nearly the downforce of the SCX or Ninco cars but they have some great accelleration. I have one Carrera Subaru that handles like a dream, I just hope it's not a one-off.

Pete and I both ordered 6 cars, he did from BRS, I got mine from E-Hobbies. He spent something like $225, I spent nearly $300. Mine may get here day-after-tomorrow and Pete's may be here later in the week or early next week, so it's a sort of trade off on time I guess. I finally got my Rally Timer and track so we have almost identical facilities to race on.

For the rest of this year (2009) we're not going to allow changes to box stock cars and race all of the makes, AutoArt, Carrera, SCX, Ninco and Scalextric, to see if anyone mfg. or even model has advantages.
Just a quick note, the forum URL has changed to http://132rally.forumotion.net/.

The AutoArt cars are OK, but I agree it takes some work to get them to the same standards as a Ninco or SCX. The Carrera car I have has some work done to it but not so much that it would be out of compliance with anything else. I pressed Pete on his 12.5 times for 30', turns out it's that time for a 60' run, a 30' half lap not full lap. That's about the same as I'm running. Last night we put all of our track together and measured it out to 60.5', which is a 121' full lap and over a kilometer scale. We didn't run laps, that will be reserved for our first rally in September.

The 300 gram rule will be reviewed, Pete came up with a rule that no more than 40% of the weight cannot be magnetic which sounds reasonable. Between 200 and 300 is a decent range to start, we can home in from there.

But it sounds like we're about the only one's really doing anything like this here, on SCI or just about anywhere else. Seems like we're the only one's doing a lot of the things we do lately, hopefully we can get some others interested too.
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