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...It's good to see photos and conversation of figure kits (especially the Monsters) here again.
Nice Job Larry on your Phantom kit! And I agree TOTALLY with TRENDON...it's great to see discussions about MONSTERS here again...as they are my favorite subjects!


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Great job ravenauthor . Its is good to see a post about monster figure kits I hav'nt seen many as of late. PL'S hav'nt made any as of late Which is most likely why. Too bad there are only a few monster kits from the old Aurora line that they hav'nt made I think there is still a market for them, but anyway this is'nt a knock on PL I think they are a great company in all ways. Looking foward to the CA when it comes out.

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Ravenauthor said:
I don't do too much to my models because I pretty much prefer them stock built out of the box. I glue it together, do a little puttying, then paint. That's about it.

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Well, if that's about all you do, you do it very well. Great looking. Thanks for the pix. :thumbsup: rr
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