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Just got back from my first trip "back east" for The ECHORR Challenge.

What great weekend.
I arived on thursday afternoon and prodeeded to find my way to the hall. A very nice, big and roomy place was chosen for this year's event. Plenty of pit space and easy access to all the amenities.
There were eight tracks this year, all very well prepared, and racey.
Friday morning began with the settup of the hall and then to practice. Plenty of track time was available to all who wanted it, with very few waiting lines. (if any)
After practice, the tech and impound began and this went VERY smoothly. Friday night our team went for the team building diner and early bedtime.
Saturday morning was a little overcast but this gave way to sunshine soon enough. The team competition began and was extremly quick paced with barly time to rest before you were up again.
As the day wained we all were dog tired and ready for a fine diner and some rest. Most teams went to a local watering hole for a few suds and some Maryland crab cakes (Awesome!), before retiring for a much needed rest.
Sunday brought the indis and qualifyers. A very interesting "sweet 16" format was used, resembling the NCAA tourney bracketing system. It made for great C,B, and A mains.

All in all it was a great weekend and a fine job of promoting was done by Hiram Durant and his crew. The east coast sceene is alive and well and you all should be proud of such a wonderfull event.

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