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These cars are about as rare to see as you'll get. I did a wheel swap on both cars and added the engine to the AMX.

I was going to give the AMX the monster slicks look but didn't want to lose the flame job and details of the original paint.​

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... Holy DROOL Festival !!!!...

WOW !!

Now I'm drooling for sure.
Nice work on two amazing cars.

My first girlfriend once had an early Javelin.
It may have been from the former Rambler folks,
(then became AMC) but that was one great make-out car.

Now she and her current husband own a sah-weet restored AMX.

These 2 that you have here are fabulous. Thank you for posting them.


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Thanks, everybody.

I had a friend w/ an AMX that was killer. Remember riding in it to a Black Oak Arkansas concert in the '70s.

I had put the Javelin together before the AMX and when I decided not to ream out it's wheelwells I changed sets.
Here's the Javelin w/ the wheels the AMX has on it now.

The Javelin is a HW mainline this year. The AMX is a Johnny Lightning, I think. Hard to read that little mark.

As far as details like door handles, the AMC logo, windscreen trim, taillights etc, the AMX beats the Javelin hands down and is why I didn't want do radical body work to or paint it.

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Jim Dandy to the Rescue!

Black Oak Arkansas in an AMX
How does it get any cooler/sleazier than THAT
I axe you
That black JL is bitchen!!!​
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