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Would just like to thank Hobby Talk Forums for the birthday wishes(turned 45 Saturday) I recieved in an email, first ever site to have done that, WTG guys :thumbsup: . Things have been hectic here, so haven't posted much, if at all on any forums.

How is everyone? Hope you guys are finding heaps. I went interstate a couple of weekends back and picked up a couple of JL's from a store while there, and they had a great selection too, which was a suprise, one of the very few Aussie stores to stock JL's.

To the guys that are holding stuff for me, I appologise, it is taking longer than I even expected to get on top of things here as far as the backlog of trades I had to respond to, but I am almost there :) .

I did manage to score a substantial amount of JL's in the last few weeks thru the mail. As soon as I get the time I will post pics.

I should be around more often now, as things seem to be slowing down here a little, thankfully.

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