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Ok, so where to begin? How about with the loose stuff:

Four awesome oldies, three Matchbox and a Majorette.

(BTW, you really didn't want them to get loose, did you? That was a mean tape job you put on there...)

Another T-Hunt, a pickup, which is cool. But the real treat is that limited edition Shane Warne Spin King. Of course, I know only what most Americans know about cricket, and I've never heard of the guy, but this is something I would never be able to find around these parts.

A redline Nova, full of awesome, and a 57 chevy I've been looking for ever since I first saw pics of them. Throw in a Hardnoze Grandy Lusion, which perfectly fits my weird and unusual car collection. Thank you so much!

Now these three were the ones I was expecting. Trev knew I liked Fatbax, and for this set, I'm trying to collect color variations as well, so he contacted me to tell me he had a few if I wanted them. Of course, I didn't know how many to expect, or what ones, but I am very happy with what he chose to send.

Of course, The shipping was nutso. I definitely owe you one, man!
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