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Thanks To "EVERYONE" At The Lightning Fest!

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Rose & I would like to say that we "really" had the time of our diecast lives! :thumbsup:

Ya'll were so nice & "Fun" to be around & we felt at home ( everyone made us fell "VERY" welcomed! )...

And a "BIG" thanks to everyones "Help" in finding the whites Rosie was looking for! :cool: And a BIG THANKS to "ALL" the folks who made this event happen!! It was our first....

We'll be their next year & as soon as I get our "Fest" pics downloaded to our album, we'll share a few too! :)

We'll never forget the dinner rolls! ( loved the butter) LOL!!!!

Hope to see ya'll next year! (God willing)
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Hi Glen,
And it was a pleasure meeting you and Rose!
You two were 1st class company. Enjoy the doubledecker buses (thanks for the business) and give them a good home.
See ya next time-Peter
Glad you could make it and hope to see you again next year!
Glenn, nice to meet you and Rose...... I know you made 1 little boy and his dad very happy..

See you next year
Every year more people come in from the distant corners of the country... This year was no exception, Wyatt and Craig {with wife}, came in from Florida, Peter, from California, and yourselfs from Texas.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselfs, I'm finding it harder and harder to spend time talking and getting to know everone. Suppose that will never change. It's just impossible to meet everyone.

Maybe Next year with the hospitality room a little more prodoniment in the activities, we can close some of those gaps.
We did not meet. I wish we had. Next time for sure. I am so glad that you and your wife had fun. There is nothing like Lightning Fest!
Really enjoyed talkin with you and Rose. Glad she got a pink car she was looking for.
And I haven't forgotten about your T-Bird! It was nice to converse, and compare ancient coins!

(everybody else is thinking "huh?")

Glenn, It was a real pleasure meeting and talking to you and Rose. I would also like to Thank You again for your purchases. I hope both of you enjoy the cars. God Bless both of you! Kevin
Well heck, if my business goes ok and I don't have to move, we can all meet on Friday evening and have a bar-b-que at my house. I hope the fest can stay local, even without a warehouse sale event!
glen, it was very nice to meet you and rose, i hope we get to meet again next year as well. you can tell rose for me that here white lightning was maled out yesterday!!!! talk to you soon! bigjoe!:thumbsup:
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