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I just had to leave a post here for all that I met at the fest this year. ( I was the guy named BILL that was with Kevin "KEVSTER",,,) I had a great time and got some nice cars. And a special thanks to Bobby for taking care of me for last years downhill gravity races. I met allot of you guys and gals at the last 3 fest events and I still have a memory problem with names and faces and hobbytalk names to go with it. This is only my second post here and I hope to be more active with posts , trades , and future events. I really felt like I was becoming part of the "family" here and hope you all think well of me too, (even though I was with Kevster... :wave: kev, just joking....) I will be looking forward to buying and trading cars I collect Mustangs , Fairlanes , And Torinos. Feel free to E-Mail me with stuff you may have,
Again thanks to all for making me feel welcome,
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