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Hey Guys ( and any gals).

Thanks for all the help. I set up a door frame base this morning and laid the track out to see how it would run..Needless to say I spent the morning laying down a nice layer of rubber on the track lol.. I even took my Chrome Indy out for a couple of laps before it got put back away before I broke something..lol..When I get the first layer of paint down I will start shooting pics and post them up because without finding this board I wouldn't have started back into a hobby I enjoy so much.... On a sad note, I drove my first JL this morning I liked the xtractions but I don't have the patients for a stock JL..( I hate guard rails so my brand new stang now has scrapes on the roof..lol). thanks for everyones help much work to be done now.


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To tame the stock JL you will need an higher ohm controller A 125 NITRO from BRP or a 120 ohm resistor from HO World installed in a Parma Controller.

Also you can remove the magnets from a JL and put stock TJET magnets this tames them somewhat also

Roger Corrie
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