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Thank you post from Windtunnel Racing Products

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Just wanted to post a HUGE thank you to everyone who used and purchased Windtunnel Racing Products at this years snow birds. Your support and business is greatly appreciated. Your support will only keep new and better products coming.

Many new things are in the works or in planning stages. New lower prices on tires are coming as well as compounds and possibly you will see a second line of tires in a different color wheel to further bring you the racers what you have requested or want to see.

New spring designs are being worked on and tested. One has been set aside for now but may pop back up in the future. But another has been in testing for some time and is looking great for a different aspect of spring design and function.

Other areas of RC are being looked into as well to further yet bring more to the Windtunnel line up that you can rest assured will be nothing short of quality product.

Im also looking into some aftermarket parts for some things out there that are hard to come by to keep cars running & bring the price down as well. At this time is out a ways but is a good possibility due to the difficulty of getting some items

Thank you everyone,
Rob Murdock
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