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Going to pick up another "toy" Saturday morning that I don't really need,
but what the heck, I REALLY want it!! To cut down on the re-payment period
of the loan I have to take out, I'm selling some of my extra sets, etc.
Nothing from my core collection. Here's what I have and what I'm looking to

1996 TH Set
-All are MOMC or pretty close to it. Will ship all in Protectos
-$250 delivered with Yellow rim Woodie or $300 with Gold Rim Woodie

2000 TH Set
-All are MOMC
-$125 Delivered with BW Cord or $140 with WW Cord

2001 TH Set
-All are MOMC
-$125 Delivered

2003 TH Set
-All are MOMC
-$100 Delivered

Single TH's
-Mint Loose 96 Woodie with SILVER rims $40
-MOMC 96 '59 Caddy $25
-96 '58 TH Vette (tiny card vein, not a crease) $30
-MOMC 99 Mach I (missing plastic over hanger tab) $18

White Lightnings
-MOMC Coca Cola Vintage 54 Corvette Nomad (Series 6) $30
-MOMC Official Pace Cars 70 Olds 442 (Series 1) $20
-MOMC Classic Gold 68 Corvette Coupe (Series 24) $20
-Classic Gold 68 Corvette Coupe (Series 24) (Damaged Card) $13
-MOMC VW II Samba Bus (Series 1) $20
-Lightning Strike 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Series 2) (Fair
Card) $10
-MOMC Spiderman Mach I Mustang $15
-Classic Gold VW Thing (Series 16) $18
-MONearMC Classic Gold 2001 PT Cruiser (Series 16) $14
-MOMC Hollywood on Wheels Simpson's Police Cruiser (Black & White) $18
-MOMC Hollywood on Wheels Italian Job Blue "Dirty" Mini Cooper $16
-MOMC Mopar or No Car Dodge Ram (Series 1) $15
-MOMC Mopar or No Car 59 Desoto (Series 1) $15
-MOMC American Blue New Orleans Harbor Police Crown Vic (Series 4) $10

If you're looking for something else, ask me to see if I have it!!
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