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The Team Orion Carbon Molecular Li-Po Batteries Power Pack - (#ORI14031)3800, (#ORI14030)4600, (#ORI14029)5000 and (#ORI14028)5400 has just arrived rcMart.com
New Technology
LiPo technology has been in full development in the last 5 years. Team Orion has been the first company to introduce the hardcase concept for RC cars and it became the worldwide standard. Now it is time to set the standard in term of power and performances: during 2008 Oscar Jansen, our electric R&D manager, has been working closely with our manufacturing plant to create the most powerful Lipo battery produced today.

Made for RC
The goal has been to produce cells made for the RC Car application and not to just choose existing cells from the industrial production and put them on the market. Everything started from a white page, a new factory has been established and all the production is exclusive to Team Orion.
Maximum power, maximum security
The basic idea is to produce the lowest internal resistance batteries with the highest power output able to provide the peak current required for acceleration but also to maintain the voltage under heavy load. All this has been achieved with the main goal: Maximum Security.
Multi Carbon Molecules
Multi carbon molecules are used in the construction of the LiPo batteries. The cells have the possibility to recover voltage extremely fast. This allows a 45C constant current discharge of 10 seconds which means about 250 Amps (!). For such current pure copper 12AWG wire is used, soldered directly to the cell terminals. Each cells are factory matched before assembling.

Key Features
* 45C discharge
* 3C charge
* XH Balancer Connector
* Carbon look
* Original hardcase protection
* 12AWG super flexible silicone cables
* UN tested and IATA approved
Source: Orion
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