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Micro racer-
Thanks for the link. The price is retail, which would put the price at aprox. $200 on the street. It looks to me like associated has covered most of the Mini-T's shortcomings. This truck should be a big hit if it performs well out of the box, we will have to wait and see...........

RC18T series | 1:18 scale | electric powered | 4WD truck

Team Associated is proud to announce the RC18T Ready-to-Run, their first “mini” sized, 1:18 scale
vehicle. The 18T is not your typical “toy-class” small truck… it was designed from the ground up by
Team Associated’s award-winning team of engineers for competition-level performance and rugged
durability far beyond the competition.

The 18T’s racing heritage is apparent in many features of the truck, including its efficient shaft-drive,
4WD powertrain featuring adjustable ball differentials front and rear. The 18T is powered by an
inline-mounted “Super 280” high-performance motor, bolted to an aluminum motor mount with several
mounting holes to fit most any aftermarket 1:18 scale hop-up motor. A high-capacity 1100mah
nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery pack is included with the 18T, as well as a convenient
charger. The 18T comes standard with a 55 tooth spur gear and a metal 12 tooth
pinion with set screw. However, the truck will accommodate larger spur gears (up to 60 teeth) by
changing the small gear cover on the underside of the chassis.

All the Team Associated “XP” series electronics in the 18T are completely modular, allowing
independent replacement of the receiver, steering servo, and the new “XPS” micro speed control
with reverse, which provides smooth throttle control and will handle most aftermarket hop-up motors.

In the suspension department, the 18T distinguishes itself from the pack with real oil-filled shocks for
smooth, consistent damping. Each of the four lower suspension arms are identical and
interchangeable, front to back and right to left. Molded upper suspension links ensure that the 18T’s
suspension is correctly set from the start. However, steel or titanium turnbuckle kits will be offered for
those racers wanting more adjustability. The 18T also features four high-traction “Mini-Pin” racing
compound tires with foam inserts mounted on racing-style dish wheels.

Of course, the 18T will be supported by a full line of Associated’s “Factory Team” performance parts
and accessories, including machined aluminum suspension arms, shock towers, and shock bodies. In
addition, Reedy will soon be offering more powerful motors and batteries to fit the 18T and other
Mini-sized vehicles.

If you’re looking for the next big thing in small trucks, you’ve found it…Team Associated’s RC18T!

WOW....Iam getting one of these babies...........

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Yea looks interesting... as far as the price.. they are listing the SRP (suggested retail Price) and as you know no one really sells stuff for that.
Example the RC10GT Plus has a SRP of over $500 and the MGT for over $800.
So my best guess the ave in the hobby shops will be around the $198 - $219 range before sales tax. ??? just guesing. ;)
HMMMMmmmm Bud your popular as far as the logo and names.
I see that and right away I think its you untill I see the name... a little confusing to a simple mind like mine.

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They do look cool and I guessed I was off on the $ for em... but Great Sat.. ahh Planes owns tower and probably ordered a hundred or more to sell em at that price.
Golded rule.. he who has the gold makes the rules.. I bet I can almost match em but not beat em.
They are neet looking.. but I bet they still cant run in the same calibur as the AWSOME speed of a BRP. ;)
I'll carry em bolth... truck class and Fast Class... Each have Class!
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