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This build has gotten so many positive reviews on YouTube and online. I have to agree with the reviews I have seen and read about.
This model has been engineered so well that there is virtually no sanding of the edges or pin moulds or gaps to be filled. Each piece I have assembled so far fits perfectly.
The detail is so good that I barely used any PE or 3D decals I bought thinking there would be room for enhancement. I did however, used the decals for signage on the radio equipment sitting behind the pilot.
The rest of this build should go as smooth as the main fuselage.
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Finished the P-38. This Tamya has been the best build.
I set this up on a piece of sheetrock I incorporated as a portion of an airfield with a maintenance crew.
The plan is to have a Corsair sharing the space as it's being pulled by a moto-tug.
Palm trees are being considered as vegetation since this is part of the Pacific Theater.
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