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Tai Cheong was based in Hong Kong and offered a variety of different castings both in diecast metal and plastic models. They are described as simple castings made in bright colors with applied tampos. They use a 'TC' prefixed (4) digit numbering system on their bases.

A Cadillac limousine, said to be inspired by the previously offered Majorette model, was offered in an open bulk display called "Limousine".

A (3) pack of various sports car models was offered on blister cards with the Tai Cheong logo and 'Diecast Metal' and 'Free Wheeling Action' tag lines.

Some of the distributors of Tai Cheong made castings were -

Betta Products Inc - These were a friction pull back type offering they marketed as party favors.

Bradshaw is also noted to have used "TC" prefixed diecast in their assorted sets. These were the same castings used by Imperial in their own "Hot Streakers" brand of diecast.

Imperial's "Mighty Machines" - These are the same castings offered by Ja-Ru, but in neon body colors.,

Ja-Ru's "Real Wheel Sport Pack" - as above they are the same castings as Imperial, but made with standard paint colors.

In the late 1990s, Hudson's Bay offered a (51) piece gift set which held (25) 'TC' castings, (25) accessory pieces and a paper playmat. (The reference is not clear as to which 'TC' brand is being noted - the logo or to prefixed # system.)

In 2004, the Toy Land Company of Vancouver, British Columbia imported Jeremy's Toy Box brand blister carded offerings of 'TC' #ed castings. A 'Small World'" logo is also found on the blister cards.

Other blister carded series offerings from Tai Cheong were - "City Tram", "Grand Prix Set", "Hi Speed Racer", "Mini Truck", "Motor Super Stars", and "Traveller Coach".

Notice is made that some 'TC' and 'TM' castings are similiar, but were made in differing scales. (?)

Notice is also made that Tai Cheong Toys used a 'TC' prefixed (4) digit numbering system and is not associated with the Tack Cheung brand and their 'TC' marked castings in any way. Each also used different distributors.

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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