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T-Spec specs

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Does the Trinity T-spec kit (car olny) come pre assembled, because on tower hobbies it says that " This is the 1/10 scale electric powered, radio controlled, 4WD Trinity T-Spec On-Road almost ready to run Car." Thier using the phrase "almost ready to run Car" leads me to believe that it does come pre-assembled.
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You can get it pre assembled as a roller with no electronics or body. Or you can get it pre assembled as a roller with a body, 19 turn motor, and a trinity spec battery. I do not think you can buy it as a unassembled kit.

-Dustin K.
Actual trinity add: :thumbsup:

Trinity T-SPEC
Where Skill is More Important Than $$ Spent!

Tired of having to spend money you cannot afford to spend to try and stay competitive? With T-Spec it's your tuning and driving ability which decides who is first over the finish line, not how much money you have to spend.

Look for the new Trinity T-Spec program coming to a race track near you! The same chassis, motor, batteries, body and tires with no after-market parts or drilling, lightening and cutting makes racing as close and inexpensive as possible.

Features include: Spec Motor, Spec battery pack, T-Spec body, Shaft Drive, Aluminum Drive Shaft, Aluminum Drive Couplers, Ball Differentials, Pillow Ball Suspension, Adjustable Caster, Adjustable Camber, Adjustable Toe In/Out, Front & Rear Droop Screws, Ball Bearings, Threaded Body Oil Filled Shocks, Heat Sink Motor Clamp, Stick or Saddle Pack, Rear Sway Bar and Motor Heat Sink.

TRI90003 - $159.99 (Car Kit Only)
TRI90004 - $199.99 (Car Kit with Motor, Battery and Body)
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yeah, I was going to go with the one with no electronics, and buy a Futaba 2PH that comes with a steering servo, A duratrax Streak esc, A Trinity caliber 12t double motor, and a Pro-Line 190mm FX body From tower hobbies For A grand total of $224.95. Sounds like a good setup to me. :p
By the way, where'd you get your advitar?
Click on User CP, witch is right above the post reply sign. And somewhere on your right you will see " edit Avatar". :thumbsup:
ok thanks. does this sound like a good setup 2 u?
Sounds Ok but I don't know about that ESC. How much do you want to spend on an ESC?
as little as possible, because this is What i want 4 xmas
Hold on. Let me do some reasearch. :thumbsup:
what about a intellispeed 12t modified? that makes it $249.95 15 bucks more
If you are willing to drop an extra $10:http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXBJ65&P=7

It is made by Novak witch is all I run. Novak is as good as it gets. :thumbsup:
sounds good, but i would have to go with a 15t motor...
but, Novak does rock, i'm running a 10t in my rustler with a super rooster.
novak fusion? by the way what r shockitty diodes?
As for the motor:http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXJT01&P=7

It is good for a starter. And if you are just starting you may want to do 19 turn instead of modified. Remember: the lower the turns the faster but it will drain the batteries more. So this motor may be a little better to start with. :thumbsup:
flamboy479 said:
novak fusion?
Thats even better if you are willing to drop a few more bills. :thumbsup:
flamboy479 said:
..........by the way what r shockitty diodes?
Offers more consistent braking, more efficient motor operation
and allow cooler operation of electronic speed cotrol.
Diodes have a silver band painted on one end to indicate the
flamboy479 said:
3300mah matched cells?
How much is your price range?
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