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Does anyone know if RPM (or stock) arms for the 2.5 Maxx will fit on the old T-Maxx? Aside from the arm length issue, of course. I am in the process of converting my old school T-Maxx with a Dynamite Mach .26 kit designed for the 2.5. The kit has long CVD's for the 2.5 & I know I need longer turnbuckles. I was looking at long arm options & it looks like the 2.5 upper arms are about 5/16" wider at the bulkheads than the old style short arms were. I'm not sure if my hinge pins are long enough.
Can I just drop in 2.5 arms, or will I have to change out my expensive aftermarket bulkheads?
I know someone out there has tried this before. It seems like the new 2.5 arms should bolt right on the old Maxx without any mods to the arms themselves, but in my research I have found that the hinge pin length & arm width are different between the two. Someone please tell me that I'm wrong...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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