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Hello All,

I forgot we recently had delivery of a new Shimpo laser tach. I recorded the speed of three stock (cleaned & oiled) T-jets. WOW are these motors fast. The RPM averaged 27,400 no load rpm @ 22vdc between the three t-jets. Remember this is the no load speed. Hope this helps somebody else.


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100,000 RPM arms

it seems to me that drag racing is a niche interest in the slot cars realm, which already is a niche hobby. i dont know much about drag racing, other than if your into it you probably bought stuff from Alan Galinko. I found this intersting entry on his website (A.G.& G. Hobby and Electronics). 100,000 RPM custom arms!!!!

New “XL 5" “Pro Drag” Armature W/Machined Gear Plate

This is the most powerful Outlaw Drag Racing armature currently available for your original Tuffones chassis. This is for the experienced racer only. I Highly recommend the use of my AG’s Super Silver Com Brushes. This armature comes with a machined gear plate that will clear the wires on top but you may need to clearance the chassis floor so the motor does not rub or bind. You will have to supply the gears as well. The armature is made up of 5 separate laminations and a custom armature shaft. The armature is a Torque monster!. It also draws a lot of current. You should have 15 amps of current per lane (Battery Power) and 20 to 25.3 volts (maximum) for top performance. Please remember these are limited use motors and com plates are the prone to wear out due the high current draw. Under load these armatures are capable of spinning 100,000 rpm as the car crosses the finish line
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