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T-hunts normal packaging?

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I found this at Target. Have they started doing T-hunts without the green package?

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It's a new thing this year for the supers. The regulars will also loose the green stripe next year.
According to powers that be at the HWC it was done to appease those who complained about all of the scalpers, stock people, etc taking the THs before "collectors" got to find them. They call 'em "hidden" hunts.
Personally I think the concept stinks and have stopped collecting them.
I've known about the change from the beginning and have noticed absolutely no difference in how many I am finding; no more, no less. I've even had a couple of store workers ask me if I knew about this. LOL
Apparently some feel that scalpers, store workers, etc are stupid - I assure that they aren't.:tongue:
My theory is that since more time is taken to look through the cars then more of the "good stuff" will also be found by these types, therefore, further reducing the more "desirable" stuff that used to be left behind.
In addition, the loss of the green stripe makes then look like common crap amongst my "real" THs.
I think it's a horrible idea that doesn't benefit the majority of collecting community in any way.
As I said before; I stopped collecting them. The TH series is gone & I don't want to accumulate a bunch of mismatched chase cars from other series.
Kinda' defeats the purpose for a person like me who is (was) a "series" collector who likes to keep 'em carded.:eek:
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Excellent point kiwi -
For those who aren't cardboard collectors (such as myself) nothing at all has changed.
Nice find without even knowing it!
Yes - good find!
Sorry, I should have said so sooner.:hat:
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