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So The other night I get home and there is a box that I was not expecting. I couldnt image what it was. Then I see who it was from. I started to panic that I forgot to mail a trade out or didn send a payment.

I open it and there sits one of the the "cars" I have been chasing for close to a year. Even before I really started collecting. I had bought an old jeep Willys from the early 70s still carded and wanted the gun to match. One of my first posts here was responding to someone selling one.
Well all this time and Jim is the only one willing to part with one and we had been talking trades. Problem was I really didn't have much he was looking for.
Then this arrives. His gift and response to my being generous to others here on HT. all of the cars are awesome and special in their own way. The doozie obviously is an all time favorite of mine as well. The auburn and cosmobile are just awesome cars. All perfect condition. I can't thank him enough.

Guess what goes around comes around.

Thanks Jim!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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