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Suntoys is another one of the Hong Kong based diecast names that is said to have started out issuing the 'crude' and intentionally vaguely designed castings without doors or headlights. They are further noted to share these traits with both Summer and Gingell made castings. But, over time the detail and design of their casting offerings has improved significantly with both headlights and door line incised details now present. Along with painted lights, window trim and other tampos being used.

Their commercial vehicles are noted to have had better design and detail with different front cabs used instead of just the one cab design that many other companies used.

Offerings were available in gift sets primarily with assorted cars, trucks and other vehicle types included with the Suntoys brand name only found on the packaging.

A series called "Launch Speedsters" included a launcher accessory with the casting. The launcher did carry the Suntoys name on it.

In the 1990s, the Far East Brokers & Consultants Inc based in Jacksonville, Florida, issued a (25) car set called "Winning Wheels". This group of cars was #ed with a 900 series # and appear to have been Suntoys made castings.

In 2001, single carded blister packs were available as "Winning Wheels" distributed by GT Plus Ltd. Suntoy labeled (5) packs were available at Canadian Toys 'R' Us stores in the "Fast Lane" brand range.

In 2002, Jo-Ann (Fabric) Stores marketed Suntoys "Fun-Tastic Summer Fun Racer" sets.

In 2003, ATICO International distribued Suntoy made castings in their "Prime Zone Diecast Collectibles" range. The American based Cumberland Toys distributed Suntoy made castings in a (5) pack set during this time frame.

Dollar General offered a Suntoy made big rig 'Dollar General' promotional blister carded "Express Wheels" casting, but no date or time frame is given.

Toys 'R' Us (USA) has also used Suntoy made castings in their house brand "Fast Lane" range.

Around 2011, interior pieces were being used.

Based on peviously identified Suntoy packaging and the castings included in them, it appears that Greenbrier International is now the distributor for whomever it was and are still making these same casting models in 2019.

Today, Suntoy identifies itself as a diecast manufacture and has several different brand of offerings.

Their "Auto Set" line includes (12) licensed castings, (13) commercial, construction and city services vehicls and (11) sport and sports car racers.

Their "Track 'n' Town" is an 80 piece garage tower that includes 5 castings.

Their "Action Team Set" is a range of 1:43 scale vehicles available in single car window boxes and themed farm, emergency services and construction play sets.

"Lap Leaders" are available on single car blister cards with accessories and in themed play sets of stocks and F1 racers.

They are also still offering their "Lauch Speedsters Set" with a track loop, launcher and one diecast.

Their "Farm Playset" offerings include a tractor and a tow behind farm equiment/implement in a picture window box.

Their Military series includes an 80 piece set called Military Action Force includes tanks, APC, a jet, building and other accesories. And 2 different 10 piece sets. Another series called Air Power has single carded military planes called "Air Power". They also offer an assortment of (9) and (12) piece gift packs. The 3rd series is called "Aircraft Carrier" and comes with (2) helicopters and (6) planes.

Their Extreme Sports Line includes a series of "Monster Trucks", "ATVs", "Dirt Bikes and "Chopperz"

A "Train" series comes in single card and (2) pack offerings.

Sourced references -

Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006)
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