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Summer Series

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I know the winter series is in full swing but has there been any thought into having a summer series
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How about a dirt oval series? Sonny likes the dirt too..
Hopefully Sonny will be preparing a Quarter Scale Sprinter for this coming summer...

Hint, Hint...

Jenzo, hopefully there will be a dirt oval, multiple track series. Lets hope that it will allow Brushless. If not I will probably be running Nitro Sprints next summer.

I raced brushless dirt oval all last summer. Even with a 4.5 and a latemodel dd intimidator..FAST.. Smoked right by someones superfast gas sprinter..In practice.. I just finished racing my CW GBX sprinter tonite. With a win..
Dirt Oval

(BRL Dirt Oval Series) Sounds great to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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