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Summer Schedule McCulloughs Offroad (PA)

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Racers -

Here is a quick list of events coming up at McCulloughs Offroad in the coming weeks....

Normal club races start every Saturday night at 5PM. Classes include sportsman, stock & modified electric buggy, truck, and 4wd, Nitro Stadium Truck, 1/8 scale, and monster truck. Turnouts have been great all season long!

Saturday June 12th is a sponsor night. Come win prizes from Vinyl Graphics Unlimited.

June 19th - RCN Electric Point Series Night.

June 26th - Sponsor Night - plus special Vintage Class Races. Bring out your old skool RC-10 and Losi Pro-SEs. Check the McCulloughs forum for more details.

July 3rd - RCN Nitro Point Series

July 9-11 - Annual Big Bucks Shootout. This will be a RCN Pro Series event. Also this year, both gas and electric classes will run.

Also coming later this year, The 3rd Annual East Coast Race Against Cancer. Also, Doug has plans for more dirt and a sick new layout in the coming weeks. Check out www.mcculloughs-offroad.com for more info.
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Remember guys - electric RCN points this weekend at McCullough's. Stock truck, 4wd, and 2wd mod should all be big classes. :)
June 26th...

This Saturday, June 26th marks the debut of the Vintage R/C class at McCulloughs. The Vintage class will run once a month through the remainder of the race season....

Join us Saturday night as we blow the dust off of our old school R/C cars. Anything that is pre-Losi XX or Associated B2 is considered vintage (1992-ish or older). Any electronics are allowed. ROAR legal stock motors and 6 cell batteries. Trucks, buggies, and 4wds will all run together....

All regular electric and nitro classes will run as well. It is a sponsor night and prizes will be up for grabs.

Should be a good time... I'm looking forward to wheeling an original gold-tub RC-10 with a 6 gear transmission. :)
New Track Layout

New layout at McCullough's this weekend! Definately one of the coolest layouts we've had :) New dirt, Big jumps, and a huge ramp to ramp crossover.

This Saturday (July 3) will be your first chance to race on the new track and it will also be a warmup for the Big Buck Challenge coming July 9-11.
Do you have a link where "we" can get directions to the track?

I "may" have GPS coordinates from the last time I was there.
Looking forward to the Cash weekend.
Hi Mike -

yes, there is a directions link on the McCulloughs website...


The cash race should be fun. What classes are you planning on racing?
hmmm... I don't know, Biggins is pretty tough to beat in digger class :)

So when are you gonna strap a mod in that YZ-10 and run 4wd class?... I'm banking that you could put down some good lap times with it, the car looked pretty good for a relic.
What time does the big buck race start on saturday? Will points still be awarded like normal racing?
racing starts at noon on sat and 10 on sunday and no i dont think points will be awarded like weekly racing but it is a rcn pro points race.
So no McCullough's points for saturday. Can anybody else confirm that. :roll:
confirmed... no McCulloughs points this Saturday for the Big Buck race, but like Bob said it is an RCN pro series race. I believe there is a McCulloughs double points night coming up soon to make up for it, so check the schedule on the website.
Thanks for the link Al... (even though I have one on the SteelCityHobbies website as well)...

1/12 Stock and BoLink Digger is in the shop. haha I may sit this one out as I will be taking a few pictures and shooting some footage for a TV show and commercial for SCH... The track looks awesome with the cross over and I can't wait to see it 1st hand! I am in NYC on biz and should be able to get back to PA for Sat.

Have fun!

We have R/C footage in the can already, but it can't hurt to get more action shots at a well laid out track ya know? We hope to have something on the tube bi-weekly (or more) by Sept. if not before. Hope to get out of NY soon so I can make it in for the weekend! Otherwise, have fun!
Had to make a trip to Pissburg yesterday for yearly checkup so I stopped by to see where the track was. People say our track is in the boonies. :lol: Nice track layout you guys have going there in Sarver. I'm still going to make it down one of these weeks to try my hand at it but will probably have to wait till our season is over. I've never been much on going to bed at 2 am and getting back up at 7. :( Well, I used to be but that catches up to you. :) We've had a few guys go down from this area and have had a good time. We've got our own bridge setup that we started last year. We've got a turn up onto ours however so there are now plywood sections along the edges. Next year the approach will be straight on with the layout I'm planning however so you'll be able to use it like a tabletop jump. Here's a little picture. Since this pic was taken we've put in a new drivers stand so you don't have to stand on the pallets anymore.
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Ovalman - we prefer to refer to the track location as "rustic" :) The crossover was just put in last week, first time we've tried it. Doug the owner was a little skeptical because he didn't want to intimidate any of the sportsman drivers, but so far everybody seems to be digging it. The "bridge" is actually removable and we take it out depending on what class is on the track. The sportsmen, monster trucks and stock class race with the bridge in place, but we take it out for the mod and gas classes just to make things a little more interesting. You should definately plan on racing with us sometime this season. If you can make it, the annual East Coast Race Against Cancer is coming up in September. That's a great race with lots of entries from all over the country, plus all the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

Your track looks like fun, where is it? I may have to make a roadtrip myself one of these weekends.
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Haha........sorry Mike, I forgot you guys are from that area and might take offense to that. :) No hard feelings? I just hate going down there is all being a country boy and hating all the traffic.

Al.....we are about 2-1/2 hours due north of you guys. If you've ever heard of Bradford, Pa., we are about 1/2 hour south of there. You can check out our website (www.racersedgerc.com) for full details. Easiest way to describe it is, 28N to 66N, to 6E and 11 miles from Lantz Corners (intersection of 6 and 219) is the end of our road, Bloomster Hollow. Track is located 1 mile up. Been smelling a little like cow crap around here lately which I noticed you guys didn't have the luxury of having down there. :lol:
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