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Suggestion for GreenLight: Please add name of casting to "collector card" inserts

I understand that GL is always interested in customer feedback about their products, so I'd like to offer mine. I really love the line (especially the Mustangs) and collecting the elusive Green Machines, but have one suggestion: Why not go back to adding the names of cars to the "collector cards" inside the blister packs?

MCG Series 1 had this, but it disappeared with the MCG S&C Series 1. This only really becomes an issue when you're dealing with the Green Machines. Since the silver cardboard base inserts say only "Green Machine," it leaves you wondering which car it is you have. Of course, if you were to do a little checking online, or already know what the casting is, this is no problem. But, otherwise, there's nowhere on the entire package to identify the GM you have in any way (e.g., model year and casting).

Just a thought. Does this make sense to anyone else too?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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