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This is my second installment of well-intentioned suggestions to GreenLight for improving future products. My first suggestion involved a return to adding the model years and names of castings to the front of "collector cards" picturing the featured car inside the clamshell blister pack.

With this next suggestion, how would people here feel about the idea of adding some facts about each specific car on the back of packaging? This is not a new idea (other die cast makers have done this), but it would add to the excitement of purchasing (and owning) each car by adding some interesting background about it that enthusiasts might not have otherwise known.

At present, all packaging for the MCG S&C series is generic. Aside from the car itself, the collector card and (for non-GM releases) the plastic insert with the casting's name on a wrap-around sticker, there's nothing to distinguish one car or package from the other. Don't get me wrong: the packaging is catchy ... but IMHO, it could really benefit from some differentiation for each vehicle.

What do others think about this?

Regards :wave:,
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