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Hello friends!
Today I have prepared this thread, to share all my experiments and other things for my new BG 1513.
you'd see things that go going on...

Are you ready to meet the new bad boy of the family? with impact-resistant chassis with LED lights
with 4-wheel drive .. It has everything you need to have a good time!

Action Intro:

Where do i buy it? http://bit.ly/2bZdUk6

This time shipping surprised me, using (shipping fast) reached me in 5 days.
Very happy with the service this time.
In the box, we have a car ready to run right out of the box! even the battery is charged.
* You have to find 3 AA batteries for the remote control, that's all.

As seen in the photos, this Buggy is full of nice touches. Big chrome wheels (plastic) with a
considerable size, since we are talking of a model to 1:12 scale.

With its 44cm long and 4WD make this car a very interesting model ,if we look at their cheap price.

Rear-mounted motor brushes, which gives it the necessary power to BG1513, climbing almost anywhere.
In arena works well, provided that you maintain a high speed will have no problem.

You can regulate many things of this Buggy, depending on the terrain where you go for a run, you can
make adjustments to the suspension to improve handling.
Height, hardness, , inclination ,etc .. it comes with a tuned suspension kit, so you always can adapt just
for the terrain that you are ride.

I will not say that it is maintenance-free, because nothing is free of that! But if I can say that very little
needs to be done to get the car ready always 100%.

The body, removes easily, 4 quick clips and two screws are all that must be removed to access the
inside of the Buggy.

All electronics are well protected by plastic helmets. This ensures a long life for electronic components.
I'm sure some splashes enduring smoothly, but forget to drench directly with the hose to clean it.
It is not waterproof and certainly if you do that is damaged.

Battery, 7.4V amazes me. Hard approximate mind between 25 to 30 minutes. The truth, after 20 minutes
(at full speed), I think it's better to rest a little car between battery and battery. Also the pilot has to cool xD

we go with the unboxing !?
this Dersert Buggy brings on everything you need to Run. (RTR)

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in the box:
Buggy 1513
Battery Charger
Battery 7,4v
2 Set spare Axles
Tools for maintenance
Detailed instruction manual and well explained

A great point in his favor, and which I decided to buy this, are batteries!!
using very common Battery.. Batteries are fundamental for hours of fun, so always try to have
compatible RC, usually if they have similar characteristics, the batteries can be used between them.
Always look carefully the positive and negative cables (if you replace the connectors)
do not want smoke, if is not for a barbecue :)

It is available in various colors and themes, this is the Black model, another gray, and two racing versions
with stickers,, one red and one green.

The transmitter , has a distance of 50 meters (aproximately), and works in the 2.4GHz range.
It works with 3 AA batteries.

This car is recommended for ages 14 and up. It reaches about 35km / h fine for this little Subotech.

Transmission parts are metal, the other steering parts are plastic, it has a central servo that moves
the front wheels in the desired direction accurately. It is easy to drive on any terrain.

From the first moment, after adjusting either the values of the command, you have full control of the car.

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In short, it is a fun, affordable and have a good time Buggy. I recommend it :)

nice detailed design
25/30 minutes of fun with 1 battery
Good relationship between price and value
easily modifiable
Ready to run
low maintenance
Batteria common
anti impacts Chassis

Distance Transmitter (50m)
No waterproof parts

Improvements with 3D printing
As you know, I like to also do some things for my rc.
For this particular model, I thought somehow adapt the chassis to pull from a Trailer for my RC boat..

Well, these or any other of the things that happen and I have to do with the BG1513, i will post in
this thread.
Suggestions for improving this Racing Car are welcome, please post any occurrence that you have :)

3D improvements:
Trailer for RC boat
rear trailer hitch

**These are just some ideas and may already have available further improvements for this model.
follow this link, here is where you can download all 3D printed files free.
About _sOnGoKu_ - Thingiverse

Recomendet Links:
some more technical data: Subotech BG1513 Off-road Vehicle-86.85 Online Shopping| GearBest.com
More 3D print improvements?
I recommend that you go through this thread: About _sOnGoKu_ - Thingiverse
More videos about RC ?: http://bit.ly/SongoLand

Well here I leave it, I hope serve someone.

Thanks for getting here! soon will put new things


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hello Here,what your buggy does when it´s alone at home??
I made a new video to know ..

ahaah, just for fun, greetings

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Hi there! i have made another video for maintenance pruposes

EDIT_ For add another little video for nobbies like me :p

How to Fix axle broked Subotech BG1513 [Maintenance]

hope it hepls someone

a gretting

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Hello,here i leave a new video we have recorded during the weekend ..
#1 BG 1513 ibiza Rc Adventure

a greeting

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Adventure nº2 is ready! with my Subotech BG1513 4WD

#2 ibiza RC Adventures [BG meets Forest] Stones, mud and branches

a gretting!!
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