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Strange HW find for me today????????

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Today I found this and was wondering if anyone could help with any info on it?

It is at least 1:43 scale and is a pearl white or mother of pearl color, on the bottom it says Hotwheels 1999. Anyone have any ideas? I am not really a HW collector so I am lost.:confused:

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1999? Whoa, i would have suspected it to be alot older.

But im not sure what it is, perhaps someone else could tell ya.
Mystery Truck

Looks like a Highway Hauler that they did awhile back.Saw alot of them at K-Marts etc. Hope this helps, Sprinter
I would say it is a highway hauler as well. If I am not mistaken there are still some hanging around in a few mom and pop type stores near here. ANd I think they still want like $5 or 6 each for them.
Never seen a Hiway Hauler like this...some of the ones I have are all cubed vans...my favorite...the Yamahauler with rr's...the latest one I have is white/orange with Astro advertised..(2003 Work Crewsers)..

This one is unique...
look at the blown motor sticking out of the hood.. looks rugged ...and wicked.. ! what kind of tampos are on it..? any idea what the 2 lumps are on the roof..?...let us know if you find out..nice find..!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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