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Stargate SG-1 Goa'uld Freighter: Did I imagine it?

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I could have sworn I saw someone selling a kit of this off-beat ship, but I can't find hide nor hair of it anywhere. Am I mis-remembering this or has anyone else seen it/know where I can get a copy?

John O.
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I haven't seen any. During the shows on Friday night I was wondering whether or not someone would start producing kits. Ships would be great but the Stargate itself would be fantastic. Just hope Erto doesnt decide t do them
There are a couple different garage kits of the gate itself - Federation sells one by Warp Models with Serpent guards and PhilMcCracken Models (shouted with harsh scottish accent) sells what looks like an extremely sharp and accurate rendering of the gate and DHD. I've also seen some 8cm SG-1 figure kits but can't remember where, did I imagine those too? Too small for my taste in any case. Then there are the old MRC movie figure kits still floating around on eBay, pretty nice for what they were. Anyway, about the best Stargate/SG-1 kit I've seen for sale is the Death Glider. Still, if I could remember where I saw that derned Freighter. I love its funkiness, like it could have been a runner-up for the Coneheads ship.
I've got another question onto that,

does anyone know any place you can get
graphs or schematics of the various ship's ?
Best I have is screen capture's, and that's
not exactly "accurate" for modeling.. :confused:
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