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Star Trek forums?

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Does anyone here know what TREK forums there are for props? I have a tricorder from "The next generation" that I got from a customer that couldn't pay for the commission. I need to get rid of it for both space, and I want the money for the work that I did so far. No one here seems to be interested, so I thought I'd try selling it where it would be most appreciated. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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Did you try here?


Apparently, they regained their URL after the hacking.
I have filled out the info there and am waiting for the email.
I fill out their forms and gave them my email address, and have waited for the email it said I would get back, that was last last night and still nothing has come.
no world from them yet and it's Saturday. Nothing has come at all.
will, here it is Sunday and I've NEVER gotten anything from them in email. I've checked by mail folders and only junk mail that I have put in there is there. so its a no go for them.
I might rey that one out, but I did get a PM today telling that they have had some trobles, but I may check the other one out anyway.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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