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Star Trek forums?

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Does anyone here know what TREK forums there are for props? I have a tricorder from "The next generation" that I got from a customer that couldn't pay for the commission. I need to get rid of it for both space, and I want the money for the work that I did so far. No one here seems to be interested, so I thought I'd try selling it where it would be most appreciated. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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Give it some time. It may take a few days to a week before they answer your request. I'm a member, or at least used to be, but I need something that I can sell right away. I thought that someone would know of someplace soley for Trek fans, but I'll look it up later tonight. I won't have time now.
Trek Prop Zone

They have a For Sale forum. But here too, you have to become a member first. Not sure if they have a waiting period before you can sell.

I'd probably head to eBay.
I registered today. Thanks for the link. I hope to sell it soon, or will be off to evilbay! This has everything, except the battery. I don't know why the original owner didn't have this, because everything else is there to put this together.

will, here it is Sunday and I've NEVER gotten anything from them in email. I've checked by mail folders and only junk mail that I have put in there is there. so its a no go for them.
Forget them. There are far better forums out there to look at, and share information with. I just look up model forums on Yahoo, or Ask.com - these are far more comprehensive than just trying your luck following links. WWW.MODELERMAGIC.COM is another site that has links to other forums that are sci-fi related as well as other genres. I hope that this will help.
I'm sorry you're having trouble with getting to another forum, but as I said before - I don't follow links to often as they usually go to dead web sites. I know that Kurt keeps his site real clean, and safe. He also doesn't keep dead links so I trust him to be vigilant in making sure that Modeler magic is 100% running, and up to date.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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