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Star Trek forums?

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Does anyone here know what TREK forums there are for props? I have a tricorder from "The next generation" that I got from a customer that couldn't pay for the commission. I need to get rid of it for both space, and I want the money for the work that I did so far. No one here seems to be interested, so I thought I'd try selling it where it would be most appreciated. Thanks for any help you guys can give.
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Under the heading of "trying to help by not wasting your time," you should be aware of the "new member" requirements for selling on The RPF first:

For new members, selling is not permitted. A "New Member" is defined as being a member less than 45 days and having fewer than 20 posts. Once you've been a member for at least 45 days and have 20 or more posts, you will be considered a "Full Access Member"; at that time you will be allowed to buy and sell freely in "The Junkyard".

If you're looking for a "quick sale", the RPF probably isn't your best choice; if you can wait it out, it's probably the best place on the 'Net. Sorry, but I don't have any alternatives to suggest.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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