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...Now, Enterprise I did really like for the most part. And Enterprise had the coolest title sequence of all since TOS!
Yeah, but the worst theme song. The song itself isn't horrible--it would suit one of the "nighttime soap opera" type shows they broadcast on the networks just fine. But it's completely wrong for a Star Trek series.

Started re-watching TOS on Netflix with the new effects...
I started re-watching them three or four nights ago; finished off with "The Menagerie" last night, and I'll probably watch "The Conscience of the King" shortly and continue from there.

It's pretty clear the concept of "binge watching" never entered anyone's mind while these shows were being produced, because little details on the costumes, props, and sets were constantly being tweaked. I can't imagine anyone involved with the show thought we fans would one day be able to watch them back-to-back whenever we wanted, so they probably thought no one would ever notice. But I have to give the crew that did the remastering some credit, because while watching "Where No Man Has Gone Before" I noticed the Enterprise had the larger Navigational Deflector Array and taller B/C Deck structures just as the physical model did when they filmed the episode; they could just as easily have used the CG model they already had (i.e. the "series" version) and said it would be more consistent to do so. Regardless, even though I've seen these episodes a number of times over the last 50 years they're still as entertaining as the ever were.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts
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