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Thought I'd chime with a new thread since the other was locked. Attached are several pics of the kit created by Mastercaster and also of his winning entry at the IPMS/USA 1999 National Convention that was held in Orlando Florida.

I happen to know Mastercaster and can vouch of his producing this kit several years ago as I acquired one at a local model contest and as the pics show, mine is still sealed in it's original packaging. I wasn't able to purchase the cargo modules back then but hopefully Mastercaster will have them available again in the future.

I'm only posting information as I know it and pics of what I have on this subject. It is up to each individual to make an informed opinion.

Hope I've shed some light on this subject.


Thank you ProScaleModeler
For posting the pictures of the Work bee train.
I bought this model and molds from a dealer in new york.
He said that he made the model, but the masters got damaged.
Wen he made the molds?
So I took his word for it.
I did look for this model on all the modeling web sites, and did not see it.
So I was going to release it.
But now I see I was lied to, and ripped off.
I will destroy these molds and put the one that I have in my collection.
Please accept my appologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Chris Lee
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