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Spring Points Series starts this week!

April 1st Fri. Carpet Oval 7pm
April 2nd Sat. Dirt Oval/Offroad 1pm Start time!
April 6th Wed. Dirt Oval/Offroad 6:30pm

Trophies to all who run at least 6 of the 8 weeks.

We'll move outdoors on Sat. as soon as the track is complete and the weather is good. Look for an all new, enlarged layout with a slightly smaller Oval!

Big Dog RC

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Results 4/2/16
First Spring points Race saw a great night of racing! Track was fast! Denton Boyer ran several 16.0 laps and was TQ in EScale with 18 laps, just a few seconds off 19! Dan also fast with a top 10 lap average in the low 18's in 4wd SCT! Bill Wiggins took his first Spec Sprint win & Scott and Jerry had a great battle in Mod. 2wd running side by side for several laps! Ron finished 3rd in Mod. buggy with his 17.5 car! Bill Wiggins making the triple with his 1/10 buggy! Regular racing next week, early start time was great, we had about an hour of open practice after the last Main and were still done by 8!

Spec Sprint Cars
Bill Wiggins,Tim Taylor,Ron Kautchick

2wd Modifed Oval
Scott McCall.Jerry Irwin,Larry Schuller

4wd Limited Oval
Dustin Smith,Tim Taylor,Cody Boarts

2wd Spec Oval
Tim Taylor,Scott McCall,Dan Grove

Sportsman Oval
Dustin smith,Wes Smith,Brian White

Pro 2wd Offroad Buggy
Denton Boyer,Jerry Irwin,Ron Kautchick

Pro 1/8 Offroad Buggy
Denton Boyer,Dan Drexler,Bill Wiggins

1/10 4wd Offroad Buggy
Lenny Nasser,Bill Wiggins,Larry Boarts

1/8 Sportsman Offroad
Speedy Weaver,Larry Schuller,Ed Wright

4wd Offroad Short Course Truck
Dan Drexler,Bill Wiggins,Lenny nasser

1/10 Sportsman Offroad
Brian White,Larry Schuller,Larry Boarts

Dirt Road Race
Jerry Irwin,Lenny Nasser,Brian White
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