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sportwerks mayhem conversion

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i was at an rc swap meet today and scored a sportwerks mayhem roller with an extra a few bags of parts and an extra chassis, well i was excited because a few years ago i bought a sportwerks buggy when it was the newest thing to have and it handled great imo. after getting home i realized the roller didnt have front shocks so i started looking through the parts for shocks and didnt find any front shocks but what i did find was another complete front clip minus shocks so i mounted them to the extra chassis , then i found a center diff, anyhow about 2 hours later i have 2 roller sportwerks mayhems.....heres were you fine people come into play. can i get a brushless conversion for one of these buggies? im planning on making 1 nitro and a brushless if possible. i basically dont like nitro but now that i have 2 buggies it cant hurt....so basically what im asking is were can i get a conversion and were do i get parts for the mayhem if anyone knows off the top of their head?
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this isnt looking too promising, were can i get new sportwerks mayhem parts? maybe it will be better served as a nitro...
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