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Calling all Sportsman Racers !!! Dust off those Legends, Losi 1/18 Sliders, Losi 1/18 Late Models and SK cars, and join us for some great SPORTSMAN Racing. Our focus will be on FUN, Fair Competition, and Lots of Racing. We will strive to bring a "national event" experience to the weekly sportsman racer. Our race format will not be the usual 4 minutes and your done.....instead you will experience single car qualifying, heat races, consolation races, last chance qualifiers and 100 + lap features !!!! We will crown the champion in each class based on total points earned through the 4 race series. Aloing with trophies for the top five Drivers in each class, any Driver that enters all four races will be eligible for great prizes to be awarded at the finale on December 13th 2009. We will also have special "hard luck" driver's awards at the end of each race. We will host the race at Walt's Hobby in Syracuse, NY. The spotlight will be turned on for the racers who are the foundation of this sport. Our goal is to not only attract future racers to our sport but convince some great veterans to come out of retirement and have some fun the way it used to be !!! Please see the attached flyer for dates and times.

Mike Magnusson


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Race Scehule for 10/18/09


This is our schedule for the first race of the Sportsman Series. We will do our best to keep the show on schedule and get everyone home at a reasonable hour.


11:00am Track Opens - Drivers' Registration

11:10am Controlled Practice
11:10 - 11:20am - Legends
11:20 - 11:30am - Late Models
11:30 - 11:40am - Sprint Cars
11:40 - 11:50am - SK Modifieds

11:50am Drivers' Meeting

11:55am All Cars Lineup on Track by Class for Photos
Best Appearing Car Award

12:00pm Single Car Qualifying - Total laps in 30 seconds
Legends - Late Models - Sprint Cars - SK Modifieds

1:00pm Heats Races - 75 laps
(Winner from each heat advances to Feature)

2:15pm Consolation Races - 65 laps
(Highest finishing Non-Qualified Car advances to Feature)

3:15pm Futures Race - 60 Laps
(Top 2 Finishing Cars Advance to LCQ)

3:45pm Last Chance Qualifiers - 85 Laps
(Top 2 Finishing Cars Advance to Feature)

4:15pm Feature - 100 Laps

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1/18 Slider & Latemodel Rules

• We are trying to keep the classes, FUN, inexpensive, and fair as possible.
• We have classes you can enter for the SLIDERS, Advanced and EXPERT. This should keep alike abilities together. Advanced is for NEW and improving drivers, while Expert is for the racers with better driving ability.
• Reverse is not legal to use during racing. Let the Marshalls do their job! The Marshalls did not crash your car. Please no yelling at the Marshalls. Look ahead while racing, this can save you lots of time by staying out of wrecks.
• These are Box Stock classes with a few exceptions!
• You Can Use Dynamite #1439 1500 Battery Packs.
• You Can Use the Losi 58 or 60 Spur Gear.
• You Can Use Dubro # 2135 Tie Rod Ends.
• You Can Use All Losi Slider, Latemodel Tires on each Car.
• You Can Use Losi Aluminum Shocks #1110 & 1289.
• You Can Use Losi Titanium Turnbuckles.
• You Can Use Electrical Tape on Tires.
• You Can Use Deans Connectors or Stock Plugs Only! (No Direct Wiring)
• Mini-T Conversions are ok as long as they meet Stock Specs for each car!
• You Can Not Change the Wiring on the Car!
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