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I was at a flea market with a young client. This young man is 6 years old and has some challenges, but we were looking at diecast cars, and I pointed out to him some Mustangs and T-Birds--since he likes Fords.
Well I helped him buy a couple cars he liked, and as we were leaving, he said to me: "I only like cars from the Ford Murder Company."

I said "You mean Ford MOTOR Co." as I corrected him.
He said "Yes, Ford Murder Company!"

Now I know that Ford is in trouble, but jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!!!

My "smiley" for a Saturday!

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This would be interesting?

Ford and GM merger talks

Fords ... plans to lay off 30,000 US car workers

FORD and GENERAL MOTORS have held talks over a possible merger, it was claimed yesterday.

Automotive News, a US trade paper, said meetings between the car giants began in July.

They were attended by executives from both companies, including GM’s chief financial officer Fritz Henderson and his Ford counterpart Don Leclair.

The newspaper said it was unclear if anything would emerge from the talks, which have now ended.

Aggressively cutting jobs ... General Motors

The news comes days after Ford announced plans to lay off 30,000 US car workers by 2008.

It has offered pay-offs to all 76,000 of its unionised staff. GM, owner of Vauxhall in the UK, has also cut jobs aggressively.

It has discussed a possible alliance this year with Japan’s NISSAN and France’s RENAULT.

Ford’s former chief executive Bill Ford is also said to have approached Renault and Nissan with similar proposals.

The news sent GM and Ford shares rising sharply on Wall Street.

GM said yesterday: “We routinely discuss issues of mutual interest with other auto-makers. We do not comment publicly on those private discussions, which in many cases never lead anywhere.”

Ford added: “We do not comment on speculation.”

SUN CITY COMMENT: There is a surplus of car production everywhere, but particularly in the US, where the consumer is drawing in his horns. These talks may get nowhere, but you can bet there is some big shake-out coming, the consequences of which may well be felt here.
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