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Long-time member, but not-very-often-poster. If this is the wrong place for this...sorry! Just let me know...


My buddy and I did a graphic for the Round 2 Eagle Launch Pad.

Here is the info and some pics (hopefully):

Space 1999 Eagle Launch Pad graphic $30 shipped in the US.

This super-high-quality 25" x 12" print represents a section of the launch pad platform seen in the show. Artwork drawn by professional graphics artist, Karl Tate. Screen grabs from the early first season were carefully rectified and detail panels and markings were drawn accurately from the reference material. We went through numerous revisions by several people and incorporated lots of "tweaks" to make sure we nailed all of the tiny details. The final drawing was then altered in Photoshop to fade, alter, and chip the various panels and lines to create a "photo-realistic" image.

This looks just like you took a high-rez picture of the actual set... but much higher quality!

Printed at 25-inches long by 12-inches wide to perfectly fit the Round 2 Eagle Model. (Eagle model NOT included, obviously.)

-Printed on an industrial Komori printing press (NO home-laser printer here!) on 100# acid-free photo paper with a matte sealer coating applied by the printer.

Ships in a 3" by 12" heavy cardboard tube with the print rolled and bagged and an outer mailer box. VERY secure!

$30 price includes all packaging, one pre-cut print, paypal fees and first class shipping in the US.

We are only printing a VERY limited quantity of these so we are paying quite a bit for printing (hence the high price) and we will not be making any more after this run is finished.

Overseas shipping will weigh one pound and ship via USPS first class international. Price TBD based on location.

My e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks guys!

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I by the way am the artist of this piece... Steve shot a work-in-progress Round 2 Eagle build atop an earlier test print, but that was on a satiny paper and came out too tomato-red. But I tweaked the color and am posting it since it gives a good idea of the relationship between the model and the base.

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