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I am proud to announce a new race series between Greeneville RC Speedway in Greeneville TN and Carolina RC Speedway in Easley SC. We will be having a combined points championship race between the two tracks. This year both tracks will be hosting the ROAR OVAL NATS, we will be using the results from these two races. There will be a combined Championship for the 13.5 and the Spec Truck class. The Championship trophies will be presented after the Easley race.

Donnie and I have been working on this for a few weeks and still have to iron out a few wrinkles. We will have more details up soon.

Spec and 13.5 racers put these races on your schedule.

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Points as of Carpet Nats

Spec Truck Points

Philip Harwood 14
Steve kritikakos 9
Bill Henniforth 8
Dusty Milan 7


Jody Miller 24
Briian Rippons 19
Jose Nichols 18
Brandon Rippons 17
Jimmy Flack 16
Charlie Flannagan 15
Tracy Lambe 14
Brandon Southeland 13
J W Housley 12
Mike Engberg 11
Larry Boyd 10
Ray Dyson 9
Sean Lyons 8
Ralph Heine 7

TQ = 4 points
mains = 10 points per main (1=10,2=20,3=30)
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