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When we hit the track the first time back in February, we knew this was going to be a good year, and one of the MOST competitive we've ever had.

YOU guys did a great job of making that true.

Brian Bond, in his first year of racing for POINTS has been toward the front all season long, and finds himself in a very close battle with Brett Patti. Both of these racers have been participating in WEST COAST R/C Oval Races at LEAST 20 years. Sitting in 3rd place in their class is young Bryan Myers. Myers is my 17 year old son, who had now been racing 9 years and won the 21.5 Championship in 2008...and he's NOT out of this years chase.

Our "CORE" group has been our "SPORTSMAN" group of 21.5/2 s racers.

This group works well WITH each other, helping each other go faster, sharing knowledge, setups, gearing and more. That just makes the racing even better when it hits the track.

Having the Unique VELODROME as part of our race program, makes us unlike most other types of R/C Oval Racing - our racers get to run CARPET, ASPHALT and VELODROME (The Asphalt is the club races at Jimmy Babcock's HOT ROD HOBBIES)

I'm so excited to see WHO is able to pull off this years SPORTSMAN Championship. Will it be BRETT PATTI - BRIAN BOND - BRYAN MYERS?

Who ever it will be, they will have to GO FOR the TQ and WIN, and get every possible point, in a field of cars that is competitive from 1st to 20th place.

Arnold Brittain, Tim Tywman, Brian Bond, Brett Patti, Sean Woodside,
Bryan Myers, Dave Werner, Brandon Patti, Steve Jacquez, Dave Barber,
Randy Smith, Art Hernandez, John Miles, Frank Valentino, Keith Brown,
Brad Muther, newbie Rich Slejmar, Lou Maldonado...and who ever I'm forgetting...

THANK YOU NOVAK ELECTRONICS - Team ORION for working with us, and giving us the tools to put on this great competitive season!!

The Season FINALE
Saturday Dec. 12th
Encino Velodrome
Encino CALIF.
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