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It's true. Sick of diecast companies not tooling up the cars you want to see? Wish someone would do that car you've always dreamed of--that '75 Caprice convertible, that BMW 507, that picture-perfect Superbird, that car you just know is speeding through Gotham on a Dark Knight? Want to get into a new business opportunity--or maybe just make some $$ on the side? For less than the cost of a new Chevy Aveo, you can have the tooling for, and a prototype of, whatever car you wish!

For your money you get:

* a resin prototype of a diecast car
* a completed tool to make that car a reality!

Final cost of the production piece will vary, depending on level of detail, quantity you order, etc, and you would be responsible for getting licensing and distribution, as well as research materials to the workshop in China to create the mockup. You control the scale, the decor, everything! The tooling would be YOURS...you could commission five thousand copies of your car, or one thousand copies in each of five different colors. You can make more or have the tooling destroyed upon completion of the run. It's all up to YOU!

There are more details of course. If you are interested in your own car, or getting together with friends and investing in a tool, please contact Jin at the following email:

[email protected]

Without saying anything that will get anyone in trouble, Jin has extensive experience with quality 1:64 scale diecast. (I should also add for the record that I have absolutely no financial stake in this endeavor at all, so no one is lining my pockets. I just have a friend who's trying to get on his feet.) Please contact Jin with all inquiries; he can answer specifics better than I can.

Good luck!

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