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Sorry for the stupid question...but??

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Okay, I hate to ask this because it must be so obviosly easy to find an answer, but that answer continues to elude me. Where in the heck can I find a place to pre-order the Polar Lights Enterprise A refit, I think it's something like 1/350 scale? Any help is greatly appreciated.

"too close for missiles, switching to guns."
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Most likely Doll & Hobby (where I ordered mine).



Others may include Squadron, Model Expo, etc.

Check their websites for info.

Thanks for that link man! Mucho appreciated. I have FINALLY now pre-ordered 3 of these kits from The Model Vault...I tried Doll-Hobby but every time I tried to pre-order it wouldn't go through for some reason. :rolleyes: But 2 of the kits I'm gonna build for my brother David and Randy for christmas presents and one kit is for me. :) I can't wait for these heehee.

Captain (ooops... edit), notwithstanding the issue of whether or not the 1/350 Refit will appear 'on-time', if you can actually build & paint 2 if not 3 Refits prior to Christmas 2004, I reckon you will be eligible for a prize from somewhere...! Fox
LOL I can be a fast builder and still make the kit loook good. ;). I most likely won't have anything to do in November and the first two weeks of December if it comes out about the second to the last week of October. But IF for some reason I can't finish these by Christmas I'll have to wait til afterwards because my girlfriend is coming up here to meet me on the 26th of December and will be leaving on the 2nd of January, so all my time will be devoted to her and not the kits. But I'm confident it will be released late October and I'll have the two done by Christmas...after all I'll be working on both of them at the same time. :D

Captain-Raveers said:
Thanks for that link man! Mucho appreciated.
You're very welcome, Cap! They usually have a great selection of kits, and their prices and service are generally comparable to most sites, in my experience.
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