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Sonic have released the ‘Ielasi tuned’ version of their V.12T 2,11ccm engine. Ielasi tuned engines are the top of the line Sonic ‘V’ engines, hand-modified by former World and European Champion Daniele Ielasi. Years of experience and a great passion for nitro racing allow the Sonic factory driver to make a good product even better. The crankshaft has an more aggressive timing for an improved performance while maintaining a very efficient fuel consumption realized by an optimized fuel flow. Special tear-drop work at the sleeve improves the fuel flow, further helping to reduce inner turbulence.

- Hand-modified by factory driver Daniele Ielasi
- Hard chromed 3 port sleeve with special “tear-drop work”
- Polished and modified 12mm turbo crankshaft with silicon insert
- CNC machined flat piston
- Aerodynamic “knife edged” connecting rod
- Turbo combustion chamber with cooling fin
- Lightweight cooling head for low C.G.
- Modified back plate for improved fuel flow
- 12mm high quality Swiss main bearing
- Composite slide valve carburetor
- 5,4mm aluminium venturi

Technical data:
- Displacement: 2,11ccm
- Max power: 1,80 HP @ 42.000 U/min
- Bore: 13,80mm
- Stroke: 14,00mm
- Ports: 3
- Front bearing: 6x16x5mm
- Rear bearing: 14×25,4x6mm
- Glowplug: Sonic P6TC turbo plug
- Weight: 215g

Source: Sonic [sonic-engines.com]

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