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Something NOT RIGHT at my local Hobby shop.

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OK.....I wuz just hitting the ol' Hobby shop to pick up some goodies for my R2D2 and like always I check out the WHATS NEW end cap to see 'WHATS NEW' or re-released....anyway I see this kit that just didn't seem right...in fact I was kinda offended ....at first.

It's a kit by Pegasus Hobbies and its called 'Padres and Indians' and the first thing that struck me was ..."Thats horrible!, talk about a sad and very dark thing in the worlds history!" and then I couldn't help think about the funny side as well....the pic on the box just about says it all....SICK!! :freak:

When I think about the history of Missionaries going around the world, robing people of thier Identity, life style and Culture and then think about all the scandles we all have heard about that GO WAY WAY WAY back.....well this model kit just cought me off guard! I'm 1/16th Charokee and have a few Native American friends and this kind of stuff just gets me sometimes.

Its kinda funny and it makes me sick at the same time.

Thats all....

Dances with glue signing off.
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No problem.....but it's still going on.

"They just keep on SPREADING ALL THAT LOVE!! and WISDOM" :rolleyes:

If Gene Roddenberry were still alive and here, he would AGREE.

I'll get over it when they teach in Schools about HOW the west was really won!

They keep making big deals about the Nazi party in WWII but not much is ever said about the U.S. history, at times it was pretty dark and bad from the beginning.

I'll get over it when people stop making the same mistakes over and over and when the people of the planet GROW UP and move on! .....Thats when I'll get over it.
I just came back from a trip to Joseph Oregon. Talk about being on topic. Chief Joseph was given that name when he was baptized. He renounced Christianity later in life but will always be Joseph.

Get over it....
I work as a Lead Building Engineer at a Hotel and we had some Missionaries with thier children visiting family before they go back to Africa and few other places.....well most of the time they could not even show common courtesy to us or other guest and they had NO control over thier children ages 5 to 12, they were PIGS! and they go out preaching to others? :confused:

I'll get over it when people give and show just a hair of respect for other people.

I'll get over it......when.......when.......

OH MAN! I GOTTA DIE first TO GET OVER IT!!!!????? RATS!!!!
Now Troy...tell us what you really think?
You're only 1/16th....I'm 1/4 Cherokee and I can think of many ways to rectify this model....."Indians reclaiming thier Land" with little arrows sticking in the padres, etc.,etc...
I could go on for ever brother.... but this is not the place.
Only 1/16? I think I have about that much Delaware blood - a great great great grandmother nobody talks about. But mostly I'm 1/4 Scottish. I think Groundskeeper Wille is hysterical.

Anyway, yeah, the kit's pretty rude. But consider it a historical vignette. Like if someone did a diorama of German soldiers herding people off to ... Hm, that'd be pretty rude too ... :freak:
John P said:
Only 1/16? I think I have about that much Delaware blood - a great great great grandmother nobody talks about. But mostly I'm 1/4 Scottish. I think Groundskeeper Wille is hysterical.

Anyway, yeah, the kit's pretty rude. But consider it a historical vignette. Like if someone did a diorama of German soldiers herding people off to ... Hm, that'd be pretty rude too ... :freak:
You mean like the one featured here in a Digital Dioramas back issue?


The thing is that anyone can find offense in "anything" modellers put together. As long as a score was kept or there was a losing side, people will be offended.

That's why I create for me... I don't intend to offend anyone, but at some point, it's going to happen.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my opinion... but I'm sure I did. ;)

Man what a dio......Thats heavy.....but it is a part of History.

I was going to say that to me It the Padre and Indian model would be the same as a diorama of a bunch of German School kids being tought The Theory of the third Reich in a 1938 setting but its all History like it or not.

So......its all history.......like it or not.

I wonder if that Dio was accepted by a museum?
Love your Cherokee name. Fell off my chair when I read that DWG. Oh great one! :thumbsup: rr
now thats more like it!

I would much rather make some dude laugh!
I agree with fluke!!! I am 1/4 Cherokee and was very into my Native American culture Several years ago and even went as far to join A.I.M But then I realized just how militant A.I.M is(imho)But I wish they would teach history the way it really happened,Not this White Euro centric crap thats taught in school these days(did you know the chinese were in Virginia several years before columbus sailed and the vikings before that)Yeah that dio is kinda sick n twisted but its the truth.....So when are the 120mm Klansmen coming out?
TheNightSky said:
I am 1/4 Cherokee and was very into my Native American culture
NEWSFLASH: You ain't an Indian.

Listening to various ethnic groups complaining about how they have been shafted throughout history is a great source of amusement.

Listening to white guys complaining on their behalf is much less amusing.
It's not just a matter of a certian 'race' being 'shafted' its the fact that what happened then is still going on today in different forms by the same type of people who just don't care about anyone or anything but them selves!

Today is even worse....people are not too picky about who they use, walk on, steal from, hurt or kill....while driving to work, getting that promotion, getting higher up in government or what ever.

........and the sad thing is that its only a small few who seem to set the pace of life and start our wars! why we the sheep just keep on accepting things as they come.....they feed us garbage and we call it ice cream and ask for more.

So when I talk about my Indian blood I'm using that for example....I think were all getting shafted ALL people on this planet.

I wish that color, sex and religion did not matter one bit when it comes to decent living and quality of life.

As long as MONEY is the key to pretty much everything this worlds problems will not go away. Roddenberry knew this ....its obvious when you watch STAR TREK.

Man that guy had visions of a BETTER way of life!

Dances with styrene.
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I know how you feel, Troy. As soon as people realize I'm half-Sicilian, the Mafioso jokes start. Maybe I oughta rub one o'dem jokers out, ya seez? Personally, I identify stronger with my mother's ancestry--half German, and half Scottish/English/Irish (depending on who you ask...)

I demand reparations from England for my people's suffering at Culloden!

And no more sheep jokes!

well to me, looking at the poses, the patronizing nature of that kit is pretty apparant. yes its historic, but the poses tell another story on their own. the noble white christians bestowing the true religion on the poor deprived ignorant savages, who are thrilled to have been enlightened. we americans tend to try to do the same thing, pushing our form of "democracy" onto other countries around the world, whether they want it or not. its an arrogance thats born out of self righteousness and the deep held beleif that we are the superior culture.

btw, mr roddenberry wasnt innocent of this. not by a longshot. how much of the original star trek was the good noble starfleet spreading the good news of the earth (read american) based federation to those poor deprived misled aliens?

i find the thoughtlessness (and by that i mean not intentionally rude, just totally clueless) behind this kit sad and somewhat amusing. how naieve can you get?
Unfortunately History happens, and we never learn from it... As a Christian(Catholic) I am embarrassed by the means that SOME not all christians will and have gone to spread the good word... The thing is that most of the civilizations have a belief in a higher power and live their lives accordingly but that wasn't good enough for those who mission. Like most dibacles in history most mean well but never know how to go about it. It is a Christians job to evangelize, but at the cost of who? I try to tell people about my religion only when they ask me or when they say something about it that they are mislead in their interpretation. Just because you are Christian doesn't make you void of being evangelized... I have a Born-again Baptist friend that used to be Catholic and he constantly trys to convert me... So yes Fluke it still goes on today. I am sorry for those who have bad experiences in religion b/c it's unfortunate but everyone finds happiness in different places. I myself couldn't imagine my life without my beliefs... It's what makes me able to deal with all the crap in the world that you are all speaking of.

As for the model, I'm not sure how I feel about it...
I have native American Blood but not enough to matter. Navajo and Blackfoot.

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Good words spoken here.

History is history......I just wish that man would finally learn from it and that our leaders cared more about the people they govern and had more respect for other people from other countries as well.

I think that we have been on this rock long enough to know right from wrong and with or without religion the true basics of truth, justice and kindness should be prevalent in all aspects of life.

I'm tired of all this child like behavior I see in Governments and in people in general.
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