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You're a MAD MAN!!!!!! Those tracks are unreal!!!!!! Those are some of the most creative tracks I've seen yet.

If there was an award for most clever way to use up 9" curves,you would win hands down.

Cool stuff.Thanks for sharing!!!!


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Way :cool: Steve, Those layouts are totally out of this world... Back when I was a wee one I made a layout just to connect all of my track pieces. But it was only done in 2 dimentions. My hat is off to you guys that always think "out side of the box" :thumbsup: :)


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Ahhh Steve,
a.k.a.; "UPS Guy"! Long time. :wave: DIdn't know that was you. I still have the video of your first 600 foot track or whatever it came out to be. I showed it to dozens of people over the years.

Whatever happened to your "Tyco connection" buddy?

Scott V.

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Thanks for the compliments guys. I will work my way down:
pickeringtondad-Anywhere from a week to three months for the 2100 foot track. When I figure out getting video on my computer I will do some photo captures and post them. For power I used anywhere from one to four wallwarts per lane.

AFXToo-Helps to be single ;)

RacerX- got the idea from the Marina Towers in Chicago.

Anti-Cop- I have more ideas. How many more trees will have to die?

jackOfall- Thanks. I figure if you got it might as well use it.

SlottV- Yup it's me. Send me your address and I will send you a tape of the "big one" My Tyco guy got axed some time ago and is now baddogslotcars.com .

GoodwrenchIntim- If it has a really tall guy wearing a KOOL t-shirt it would be me.

sethndaddy- I changed my name on this board when I started getting hate emails.

Mad Man Timo- Check yard sales, thrift stores, newspapers and slot car shows. Great ways to pick up lots of track at a resonable price.

joez870- LOL

roadrunner- I have done much more confusing tracks. We would stop the race if a car could not be found in 15 seconds.

car guy- My longest track took over 5 minutes for filming purposes. Best time was a little over 4 minutes.

Gear Head- Thanks!
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