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(Pardon the use of "they" and "them" but it was done to protect the innocent!)
When my wife and I got back from Nashville this afternoon, we went to Cheddar's
for a meal, then I went on out to Walmart for a thing or two, including some Epsom's Salt to soak
my foot in I cut in the neighborhood swimming pool at my daughter's. Anyway, I checked the
Hot Wheels isle and sure enough, nothing new on the pegs. But while I was looking, a clerk came
over and started talking to me about collecting Hot Wheels. I told them that I was seriously considering
giving up collecting after this year because it was near impossible to find any new release
Hot Wheels at Walmart or anywhere else in town. They said they was sure of that, because as soon
as the Hot Wheels come off the truck at the store, ALL of the store Managers call their friends and
let them go to the storeroom and go through them to pull the Treasure Hunts and any new "Hot"
releases. As we were talking, they ask me if I had gone through the BOD that was put out Tuesday
morning, and I replied no, that I had been out of town in Nashville staying with my Grandson the last
week. They walked over to the BOD with me but stated that there was probably nothing of interest
left in it because the managers had done their friend routine on them as soon as they had come in
Monday night, and the (word's describing other shoppers for Hot Wheels that I will not post) had
torn the BOD up pretty bad, which they had. Another collector, a former student of mine, was looking
through the BOD and got involved in the conversation about their never being anything in the BODs
or on the pegs at the store.
Now for the interesting part....
The clerk informed us that they work M-F from 2:00 PM UNTILL 10:00 PM and they are the one who
unloads the Hot Wheels from the trucks before anyone else in the store know that they are in. So
they told both of us to check in from time to time to time in the weekday evenings with them and if
any New Hot Wheels cases were in, they would bring them out and let us look through them! I
NEAR FAINTED! I knew that the Toy Department Manager was lying about the Hot Wheels cases
not having been gone through in the back storeroom because they are always open when they come
to the floor, and this clerk confirmed that she was lying about it! While we were talking they went
around the corner and came back and handed me my THIS WEEK'S SINGLE FAVORITE HOT WHEELS
FIND THAT I WILL BE POSTING IN TOMORROW! I asked them if they wanted it, and they said no, they
didn't really collect Hot Wheels that much.

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Backwoods Boy, this has been the case for a very long time.
in some stores, folks work there to restock only, so they have access to new releases of many collectibles.
you might be able to find stuff to share with your friends at retail instead of markup.
good luck and I hope this works out for you.

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I hope and pray everything works out for you.

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You get to know which stores have insiders. There are a few stores that my odds are about average of finding anything I like, but there are also stores that I NEVER find anything at. It's pretty much a given that it goes on. Everyone thinks they are going to get rich so they run out and buy the hottest thing of the week and slap it on Ebay and make $2 over retail. 6 months later, they might get 50 cents for it. Makes it hard on actual collectors.
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