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Some pics of my Nascar diecast

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I dont go after Nascar stuff anymore but i did get theese in the past. There good looking and detailed imo Just wanted to share some pics Enjoy thanks.


Click on the thumbnails for a bigger pic thanks for lookin :)

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unfortunately nascar bombed. you can get that ripken labonte car for 5 to 10 dollars easy, and i live in maryland. and they still don't sell.

i have about 500 pieces of nascar items, mostly diecast. and i've sold some and actually thrown alot out, as i needed the room, and couldn't sell the stuff.
I have one Nascar car, which I just got today. Story and pic are about to be posted. I much prefer the older cars, and that #8 Chevy is awesome.
Yeah, I've kinda backed away from NASCAR die-cast as well. I love the stuff I have, but they really started running up the prices, while making too much product at the same time. I usually wait for the annual Motorsports show, and I can pick up the previous year's cars for dirt cheap. Even then, I'll only grab a couple of cars for the drivers I really root for, like Jarrett and Kenseth.
Even the show on QVC, isn't worth it anymore. It used to be interesting, with lots of different items and guests, but now it's "all Earnhardt, all the time", and it's just no fun anymore. Still love watching the races. :thumbsup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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