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My diecast runneth over, to say the least. I ordered two of these Hot Wheels display cases to see how I liked them and hopefully start to rein in the unruly group of diecast that was spreading like weeds across the mancave. I had seen someone using one on You Tube and was impressed. I soon filled two of them and decided I needed at least four more. That was way over budget, but it was what I calculated was needed.

I decided to try to fill them by groupings. CHP went into one side with other California police agencies and State Police cars on the other side.

The air rifle in the case is actually holding the case from falling forward. It's balanced precariously on the top edge of a display shelf. It's temporary to say the least, but works. Sorry for the quick, poor photos, but got to work later.

So with the first case quickly filled with just about 100 Greenlight police cars, I had to drag out some more cars and theme them, group them and put them together. Stay tuned for more. The best is that these display cases really helped me enjoy my cars much more by seeing many more of them!
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