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Buby made a Police Torino and latter 3 other models of the racing car Torino, but first lest get to know what is a Torno car and its short history.... read on my friends,Bob fFassinetti.

There’s a mystery around the Argentine Torino car. This model is not only not a Ford, but it’s completely different from the American version. The first question that arises is: How did the Argentineans managed to use an American trademark for a completely different product without being busted?

First a bit of history about the magnificent American Torino model. This car was produced by Ford for the American market between 1968-1976. It was a medium size version for those days’ standards and it replaced the Ford Fairlane, although that name was retained for the base models with different trim than those that wore the Torino name. Available in a number of body styles this model featured a two-door fastback, two or four-door hardtop, a four-door station wagon, and a two-door convertible, while the Ford Ranchero car-based pickup used the same front end. Engine choices ranged from a 302 cubic inch small-block V8 to Ford's FE series 390 cubic inch big-block. The Torino GT was the upscale model, with extra 'sport' trim. During the following years much work would be done around this model, impoving its outstanding characteristics and expressing the latest innovations within the autoproduction industry. Its stylish and cool appearance was what guys called a “chick magnect” as well as an outstanding car. That’s why it has remained as a beloved and covetted possetion to our days, when some of these terrific pieces are collectables.

The Argentinean Torino also has a rich history to offer. Alike the American Torino, the Argentinean one was a breackthrough automobile. In 1966 the Torino, IKA’s first integral national product enters the market. One year latter, on November 1967 Régie Nationale des Usines, Renault joins IKA. From then on, Kaiser would no longer be IKA, but IKA-Renault, a very profitable partnership that would soon give birth to mass consumption models such as the Renault 12. This opens a new era in the Argentinean car industry. According to the sources we’ve researched, IKA and American Motors had signed an agreement for this car’s production in our country. The Rambler American Rouge was the foundation from which engineers and designers would be working on to create “our” Torino. The famous Italian carman Pininfarina would be the one who would adapt that standard version to the Latin style market by altering the front end and grille as well as the interior. The ultimate cool detail was the bull plaque on the grill, as a homage to the Argentine’s pampas that at the same time traced a link line with Ferrari’s “cavallino rampanti”-wild horse- and Lamborghini’s bull. On November 30th 1966 this glamorous car was presented to the Argentine market. Alike the American model, this Torino’s impact on the consumers’ market was just perfect. Everybody wanted to own a Torino, it was a cool, glamorous, fast and top of the top possession. Specially after the record breaking in Nuremberg in 1969 after 84 hours run. And also, alike the American one still is, and has become a precious collectible for those automobile lovers. Such was this car’s impact in to the Latin market that soon after it was released, there were made scale auto models reproductions of this beauty. Among the most careful and glorious diecast Torino examples was several Buby*, a coveted toy back then and a beloved collectible nowadays.

It appears the mystery has been solved. Two different models, sharing the same name which have had an incredible impact within the automobile market and have set really high standards for future productions and left a permanent mark within this industry’s evolution.

*Buby made several, if you are lucky enough to have the so far only Buby book ,written by Lucien Brousse, you could look up page 124 and see the Police Torino.... otherwise email me for a photo or details of this Torino and others.Bob Frassinetti.
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